Fiction fans and wine enthusiasts everywhere are in for a quadruple treat!

Angus Kennedy, debuted in 2012 with Two Tickets to Dubrovnik, a novel centered on an Australian wine writer.

Without resting on his laurels, Kennedy immediately returned with the second installment of his Out of Solitude tetralogy with A View from the Languedoc.

The following year, the author draws the reader further into his web with To The East.

 Finally unveiling the last book of the gripping Out of Solitude tetralogy, Kennedy throws the biggest hurdle to his protagonist in the pages of The Final Programme.

Set in different unforgettable countries and scenic locations around three continents, Kennedy’s intriguing novels will draw readers into a memorable saga that follows the evolution of the main character’s professional and personal life.




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The Final Programmme   is the final novel of the Out of Solitude tetralogy!

In The Final Programme, Australian wine writer Andrew Johnston is comatose in hospital in Sydney, Australia, after being shot in Međjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His Croatian lover, Niki Menčetić, believes he is dead, the victim of a cruel deception by Andrew’s brother, Adrian, and has returned to Dubrovnik.

Following Andrew on his crusade to reconnect with Niki takes the reader back through the history of their relationship and its many twists and turns, as well as the events that led to his being shot. Although Andrew has help in his quest, temporal, physical and cultural obstacles stand in the way of any smooth progress. The eventual outcome of this quest will define the rest of his life.